Prague, CZE
31.10. − 3.11.2024

Accommodation and parking

To enhance your experience, you will be accommodated in the historical centre of Prague, near the Charles Bridge and Prague's castle, on the Albatros botel.

The Albatros botel is the first of three botels in Prague. Opened in 1969, offering unique romantic accommodation similar to being on a cruise ship, yet permanently docked at the right shore of Vltava river, between the Hlávkův and Štefánikův bridges, the botel offers 75 double-bed cabins , for 150 attendees, on first and second deck, all with their own social facilities, SAT TV, telephone and WiFi. The third deck holds the bar and restaurant with a terrace with a beautiful view over Prague's castle and the Vltava river. The botel has a non-stop reception and can be found at the address Nábřeží L. Svobody 1, Nové Město, Praha 1.

The accommodation is possible from Thursday (31st October) or Friday (1st November) to Sunday (3rd November) in one of 75 double-bed rooms, with a total capacity of 150. Rooms with a river view are always even numbered. Rooms with a waterfront view have odd numbers. Rooms 1-42 are located on the ground floor of the Albatros botel. Rooms 101-148 are on the lower deck.  Rooms marked with a “t” symbol (fe. 20t) are equipped with separated beds - Twin rooms. All other rooms have double beds (Double rooms). We must ask you not to move the beds as they are bolted to the ground.

The room selection will unlock after receiving an email about your payment to your registration email.

If you enter the room in the room selection alone (besides the single-bed room), a countdown of 96 hours will start. Until the countdown ends, you need to find yourself a roommate, or else the system will vacate you from the room.

If you selected a Sponsorship during your registration, the prior room selection will be available for you 7 days in advance.


Breakfast, banquet on the night boat cruise and banquet at the Afterparty are included in the base price. It is also possible to order lunch and dinner, which will be served as a menu consisting of a soup and a main course. The list of foods can be found in the Meals section.

Important notes

  • Arrival at the botel is possible on Thursday or Friday, at the earliest 3PM CET
  • Rooms need to be free by Sunday, 11AM CET. If needed, your luggage can be stored at the reception until the time of your departure.
  • The Albatros botel, as well as its restaurant and bar, accepts Visa, Maestro and American Express cards.
  • The room selection will unlock after receiving an email confirming your payment to the KRAZ z.s. account.
  • Meals are served at the Albatros botel restaurant. Breakfast and afterparty are a banquet, lunch and dinner are a menu selection.
  • Breakfast and afterparty are included in the base registration.

How to get here

The Albatros Botel is located on Nábřeží L. Svobody, Nové Město, Praha 1.

We advise to use public transport services to get to the place - tram or bus lines to Dlouhá Třída, Hradební or Nemocnice Na Františku stops. 

Coming to Prague's Main Train Station, the easiest way to get to us is to go to the Hlavní Nádraží tram stop and take lines 15 or 26 to Dlouhá Třída stop, from where you will just go to the riverbank to the Botel. 

If you are not carrying many things, you can also go on foot - a short, not even 30 minutes walk, from Prague's Main Train Station via Vrchlického orchard, Jeruzalémská and Senovážná streets, the Republic Square and Revoluční street - Dlouhá avenue. Head down towards to Ludvíka Svobody quay before entering the Štefánikův Bridge and you're here!

If you are carrying lots of things and don't feel like using public transport services, we advise to use official taxi stands located at the Václav Havel Airport Prague (Uber) or Fantova Building at the Main Train Station. 

Many furries will come with their own vehicles. We advise to agree on a carsharing in our official Telegram chat beforehand. Parking is secured right in front of the Botel. It can get full pretty quick, so we advise to get familiar with the list of parking places below. 



At the Albatros botel

Unguarded parking lot by the riverside next to Botel Albatros, 100Kč/day (only until full).

Prague City Center

Prague City Center, Samcova 1216/4. Optional reservation of parking place online for 12h blocks. 249Kč/12h. 24/7 guarded parking lot with CCTV. LPG and CNG are not allowed. Tesla chargers available. 5 min on foot from Botel Albatros.

Other Parking

  • Hradební parking lot, guarder lot with reserved spots, 50 Kč/hour. Guarded from 7:00 to 23:00. 7 min on foot from Botel Albatros.
  • Lannova street, purple zone, spots not reserved, 40 Kč/hour. Unguarded parking lot. 8 min on foot from Botel Albatros.
  • Rášnovka street, purple zone, spots not reserved, 40 Kč/hodina. Unguarded parking lot. 7 min on foot from Botelu Albatros.
  • Rudolfinum, Alšovo nábřeží, 60 Kč/hour or 660 Kč/day. Guarded parking lot 24/7 with CCTV. LPG a CNG forbidden. 17 min on foot from Botel Albatros.