Prague, CZE
31.10. − 3.11.2024

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Let yourself be dragged into medieval times, where a knight's honor, loyalty, and good manners meant a great deal. Furrstein takes place in a newly renovated 17th century Jindřichovice castle and 14th century Jindřichovice fortress with a common area of castle's garden.




KRAZ takes place in a natural western town setting, situated on the hillside of the Boskovice oak forest, in the old sand quarry, 2 km away from the picturesque town of the same name. You will be surrounded by tall pines on a sandy surface, as well as authentic backdrops of a western town with a great atmosphere, which is further enhanced by its employees, who are dressed in period costumes.




Minicon (as its name suggests) is a small con located in the middle of Tábor forests, nearby the Bechyně town. It is a relaxing con with a lot of fun primarilly focused on meeting your old friends.



It is said that Prague is the city of a hundred towers and many faces. We will be happy to convince you of that. Come enjoy an unusual meeting of furries from the whole world with your friends and find new ones here as well.

Traditional Halloween Outing, one of the biggest furry outings in Europe, has taken place in Prague, the capitol of Czechia, for many years.