Prague, CZE
31.10. − 3.11.2024

Sponsors at Fursuit Halloween Prague

Still wondering whether to help the good cause? Then wonder no further and become sponsors of Fursuit Halloween Prague!

Even though the Fursuit Halloween Prague is an event with a long tradition, which brings more and more people together every year, it would be doomed without good, generous people, contributing to the running of such events without hesitation - sponsors.

KRAZ z.s. is a non-profit organization, which basically means that all of the money we get from the events we put back into the equipment of the events and prizes for competitions. We also try hard for our events to be affordable to the most, so almost all of the money from basic registration packages go into accommodation, food, rental of common areas and other necessary costs of the event (in case of FHP that counts the afterparty, refreshments for suiters during the outing, shuttle to the outing location and back and night ship cruise). Money received from the sponsors are then being used for everything that is not necessary, but makes the event prettier - such as decorations for the afterparty, prizes for competitions (in case of FHP that counts the afterparty raffle), rental of sound systems, equipment for the fursuit lounge, and equipment for helpers and orgateam (such as printing of posters and navigation, medical equipment, reflective vests for the outing and much more).

Sponsors are an inseparable part of all KRAZ z.s. events, and we want to reward them for their generosity as well. This year all sponsors as a thank you for their contributions will receive a themed souvenir, reserved tables at the restaurant and prior room selection.

Sponsorship is nobody’s obligation. We understand that many of you either can’t afford to make a sponsorship donation, or don’t want to. We bear no hate towards you - after all, even contributing by paying the basic registration price is helping to keep the event running. And even coming to the outing itself only without paying a crown ensures us that people have an interest in our events and that we do it right. The event could exist even without sponsoring. But with sponsors, it can be bigger, better, more splendid, more pleasant and surely more memorable. Consider the sponsorship for KRAZ’s events, as you are contributing not only to have fun yourself, but for all of the participants to have fun with you.